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Experience the pace of innovation with Charotar Telelink Pvt Ltd., your trusted Category ‘B’ Internet Service Provider. Since 2013, we've been redefining connectivity with our P@ce Internet brand, delivering not just Internet but a seamless digital experience. As your technology partner, we're committed to keeping you ahead in the digital race.

  • FIBER (FTTX) TECHNOLOGY Fiber to the x (FTTX) is a generic term for any broadband network architecture using optical fiber to provide all or part of the local loop used for last mile telecommunications.
  • 24 X 7 DEDICATED SUPPORT Charotar telelink Pvt ltd. is always available to provide quality Customer Support. Please Email us support@charotarbroadband.in for quick attention.
  • 99% SERVICE UPTIME Network uptime is a critical focal point of any internet & internet related services. Charotar telelink Pvt ltd.offer guaranteed uptime of 99.5%.

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